Zoho integration

Sync your dropship provider details with Zoho

Last updated July 24th, 2017

Jetti can automatically push new and updated dropship providers to your Zoho CRM integration. Changes made in Zoho do not currently get imported back into Jetti.

  1. Generate an API key in Zoho. You can do this by going to your setup area in Zoho. On the cog icon under the 'CRM API', select 'authentication'.
  2. Token Generation.
  3. In the popup, enter Jetti as the name and click the button to generate the token.
  4. They'll be a line of text starting with AUTHTOKEN=123.... - you need to copy everything after the "=" into the "Zoho token" field on your Jetti setup page.

Any changes to the details in Jetti (e.g. whether made via the import or within Jetti itself) will be automatically sent to Zoho. In addition to syncing contact information, Jetti also syncs the "notes" field for the vendor with the 'description' field in Zoho.

Custom fields

Jetti also syncs a number of custom fields to Zoho. If you add the following as text fields, they will be automatically populated as changes are triggered from Jetti. The spelling is important, as the names have to match exactly.

  • Calculate cost prices
  • Commission rate
  • Commission rate type
  • Returns policy
  • Minimum order requirements

Managing API tokens

Loading the page in step one will generate a new token every time. We recommend only loading the page once. Generating too many tokens can cause Zoho to stop accepting updates. You can remove generated tokens from your account area.

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