Vendor integration - Digital downloads

Set up a multi-vendor dropship marketplace selling digital downloads

Last updated September 7th, 2017

Setting up the vendors

If your vendors are sending digital downloads to your customers, you'll first need to set them up as a dropship provider.

  1. Add the email(s) for your vendors. You can add more than one if needed. Each user will receive an order notification once an order for one of their items is placed in your store.
  2. Configure the payment and commission settings for the vendor. If needed, the vendor will be able to enter their Stripe or Paypal details when they log into the dropship portal.
  3. Under the order section, set the platform up as DIGITAL. This will hide parts of the dropship portal which are set up for shipping physical items (e.g. fields for tracking details or shipping labels etc).
  4. To mark an item as shipped within the dropship portal, the vendor will just need to enter a URL. They can also upload an image or video if needed as well.
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