Pay your dropship providers by ACH / bank transfer using Wise

Last updated January 10th, 2019

This article will explain how to connect Transferwise to your Jetti account. To learn more on the capabilities and functions of Transferwise, kindly get in touch with the Transferwise support.

As an alternative to Stripe, you can also use TransferWise to pay your dropship providers. You can use the service for both domestic and international payments and the fees are typically significantly lower.

To get started, sign up for a TransferWise account via the following referral URL. When signing up from this link, you'll be awarded one fee-free transfer. You can also use your existing TransferWise account if needed.


From there, you'll need to add each of your dropship providers as a recipient within your TransferWise account. To do this, you'll need to know their email, bank details and address. The details required may change depending on the country of the recipient.

Once your recipients have been created, you'll then need to connect your TransferWise account to Jetti under the integrations area.

An API key be generated under the settings area of your TransferWise account. If needed, you can also enter a staging API key if you have a TransferWise sandbox account.

Connecting TransferWise recipients to Jetti

As a final step, you'll need to map your dropship providers to your TransferWise recipient. Jetti won't automatically connect the TransferWise recipient and the names used can vary if needed.

You can connect your TransferWise recipient to Jetti under the prices tab, shown below. Once mapped, you can then start paying invoices. As with Stripe, once your TransferWise integration is complete, you can also pay your dropship providers automatically, so there will be no need to manually process payments.

Important: Make sure that your Transferwise account has enough funds to transfer payments.

Required details

When setting up your TransferWise account, we'd recommend ensure all details are completed for your recipients. Payments may not success if their address and contact information is not completed.


You can view the TrasnferWise fees breakdown here - https://transferwise.com/us/multi-currency-account/pricing. The fees may vary by country and we'd recommend getting in contact with TransferWise support for the applicable fees for your region.

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