Payment alerts

Stay on top of your vendor payments with automated notifications

Last updated July 24th, 2017

As your business starts to grow and as more orders are raised with vendors, it's important to stay on top of all your payments to ensure they are accurate and paid on time.

Jetti has reporting and notifications to make this process easier. Within Jetti, you can receive alerts when:

Invoiced items have no cost price (e.g. no cost price was added or the vendor is on a 0% commission) You do not take any revenue from an item (e.g. your commission rate was set to 0%). A payment out to a vendor failed (e.g. they disconnected their Stripe account or your payment method failed). To receive these notifications, turn on the "invoicing notifications" under the "users" section in the Setup area. You can also view the payment report in Jetti to review and correct these issues if needed.

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