Paying Vendors with Your Stripe Account

This article will show how you can connect Jetti with your Stripe account to automate vendor payments.

Last updated April 24th, 2020

This article will explain how to connect Stripe to your Jetti account. To learn more on the capabilities and functions of Stripe payouts, kindly get in touch with the Stripe support.

Jetti can support hosted Stripe accounts using Stripe Connect. What this means is that your vendor payments can be automated with the use of Jetti, and they can be directly sent out from your own Stripe account.

If you and your vendors all have an existing Stripe account, you will be using the Standard Stripe account. In this case, your vendors will be able to connect directly from their vendor portal. If your vendors don't have a Stripe account, that is fine too. You can look into the Custom Stripe account, which allows you to create accounts for your vendors. Your vendors won't need to login to these accounts, nor even know that they exist. If you require more information on the different accounts, kindly contact Stripe's support.

This article will show how you can connect Jetti to your Stripe account.

Generate the Credentials

For the connection, you will need to generate three credentials from your Stripe account: the Stripe Secret Key, Stripe Publishable Key and Stripe Client ID.

  1. To access the Secret Key and Publishable key, click the Developers link in your Stripe account, then the API keys link. You can then access an existing set of credentials, or generate a new set.

Next, you'll need to get the Stripe Client ID. To get this, you'll need to go to Settings > Connect (https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/applications). On this page, you need to copy and paste the client ID from Stripe to Jetti.

You'll also need a redirect on this page. To do this, click + Add URI. Enter https://api.jetti.io/auth/stripe/vendor. This will tell Stripe where to send the vendor once they've connected their Stripe account with yours.

If you see warnings or don't have the option to do any of the above - we recommend reaching out to Stripe support. They may be a reason (e.g. you haven't verified your account). It's likely we won't be able to help tell you why or how to resolve whereas the Stripe support team will.

There are also some other options you should complete on this page, such as uploading your logo, settings colors. It's not needed, but will make things clearer for your vendor.

  1. Click the Add URI button and enter https://api.jetti.io/auth/stripe/vendor

To get the Client ID and Secret API key, follow Stripe’s instructions on how to generate them in your Stripe account.

You'll need to ensure you enable the OAuth setting to ensure people can signup and connect to your Stripe account from their vendor portal:

Connecting to Jetti

Now that you have your credentials, you can go to your Jetti account and create the connection.

  1. Go to Integrations > Stripe under payments
  2. Select “Use my Stripe account” and enter the credentials.
  3. Enter the credentials and click save

Now your Stripe account is connected to Jetti, and you’ll be able to automatically pay your vendors using your own account!

Connecting your vendors

Your vendor will now be able to connect their Stripe account to yours in the vendor poral. In their portal, they can click on the payments tab, then the "Connect" button.

If your vendor has already connected to Jetti's Stripe platform andyou want to migrate them to your own Stripe account, you'll need to:

  1. Disconnect the brand
  2. Select to use your Stripe account
  3. Ask the vendor to re-connect their Stripe account.


There a different fee levels for Stripe Connect. We recommend you review the pricing relevant for your area. The US pricing can be found below. Your local pricing can be found through the Stripe website or contacting Stripe support.



To payout, you'll need to ensure you have an active balance to cover payments. Funds will typically be topped up through receiving customer payments. However, you'll need to ensure you do not auto payout received customer funds, leaving you unable to make payouts.

For US accounts, Stripe provides balance topups for adding additional funds for payouts.

For non-US customers, you have the ability to register a credit card in Jetti to take the payment against. This will happen within your Stripe account, which means you can use Stripe without having to route customer funds there. Do keep in mind that this method will incur a % fee as a credit card transaction.

To set up your credit card for your payouts, go to Contacts > Dropship providers > [dropship provider] > Prices tab > "Use my Stripe account" > "Customer"

Alternatively, as a non-US customer, you can also switch to Stripe from Shopify payments. However, this is currently not a possiblity in all regions as Shopify locks down this as a feature, so do check what the options are in your region.

Do I need a Stripe account?

If you're looking to pay out to a Stripe account, you will need a Stripe account yourself. There isn't a way currently to pay vendors without one.

It is important to note, you will also need to fund that Stripe account. For regions outside the US, the only way to fund the account is to take payments. For example, using Stripe as a payment gateway. For the US, it's possible to fund a Stripe account through an ACH payment to top-up your balance.

If you are outside the US and don't have a way to fund the account, you can as a fallback use a credit card. This will take payment on the credit card you add and then transfer the funds to the vendor. There may be higher fees for this transaction.


How can I pay my vendors manually?

To pay your vendors manually, go to their payment report in Vendor settings > Payments, and click on "Pay selected". Ensure that the payment method has been set to "Other" before pushing the payment. If you select "Stripe", it will still send the payment to the vendor through the Stripe integration.

Last updated November 10th, 2020

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