Paying vendors by Stripe

Fully automate your vendor payment workflow with Stripe

Last updated July 24th, 2017

We recommend using Stripe where possible for handling vendor payments. There are different Stripe account types your vendors may be using, which will allow payments to be fully automated, or manually sent periodically (e.g. send payments weekly or monthly).

Read here for information on how to connect your Stripe account to Jetti.

Sending payments

Invoices are created in Jetti as items are shipped out by the vendor. You'll need to either set up a commission rate for the vendor OR manually manage cost prices on your variants. You can read more details on selecting a pricing model on our payment guide for multi-vendor marketplaces.

  1. Go to the settings page for the dropship provider. Click on the Pay button in the header.
  2. In the popup, select which invoices you want to pay the vendor. You can make any adjustments against each invoice if needed. If you want to add shipping costs, you should first setup your vendor's shipping profile.
  3. Enter a reference for the payment. Most people enter the current date or week number here.
  4. Click Pay. This will create a single transfer for all of the selected items to be sent from your card to the vendor's Stripe account. Batching multiple invoices into a single transfer reduces the transaction fees for the vendor.

These transfers are sent out daily at 11am UTC, so you will still have until that time to make any adjustments if required. The vendor will get an email notification whenever they are sent a payment.

In the vendor's Stripe account, the payment will then appear. They'll see the same reference you entered in Jetti. They'll also be able to view a breakdown of the transfer within the dropship portal.

Once you are up and running with vendor payments, you might want to consider enabling the pay automatically option. This will settle any open invoices with the vendor daily, without the need to do any manual transfers.

Handling bounced payments

Occasionally, you may get alerts letting you know payments have failed to send. This usually happens when your payment source has declined the transaction. If you are using fully automated payments, Jetti does space out the payments to once a minute to avoid this. However, some card issues occasionally block payments if too many go out at once.

To send the payments again, go to Setup > Billing > Vendor payments. You can then uses the filters to show the payments with a status of error. If you click into each payment to view more details, you can see the error reason (e.g. Your card was declined.). You can also click the Send to Stripe button to try the transfer again. It usually take a few seconds to go through and the status will update if successful. You can optionally leave a note if needed.

Payments can also get declined if your vendor has disconnected their Stripe account. Or, if additional verification is required.

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