Paying vendors by PayPal

Vendor payments Paying vendors in batch by PayPal

Last updated July 24th, 2017

Step one: Select invoices to pay

On the payments report, it will show the total amount you owe for the items sold, shipping plus any landed other costs or manual adjustments.

Click pay next to the vendor you want to pay via PayPal. In the popup, you can then select the invoices you want to pay, or click the select all button. Jetti allows you to batch multiple invoices into a single payment to save on fees.

Step two: Confirm payment details

Once you have selected the invoices to pay, make sure PayPal is selected as the payment method. You can then enter a reference for the payment (e.g. the date of the payment + name of the vendor is usually helpful). Then, click Pay selected.

Step three: Export to PayPal

This has only marked the invoices as paid within Jetti. Next, you need to actually send the payment to the vendor. To to this, go the the Transfers or click the vendor payments button in the bottom left of the payments popup.

Jetti allows you to export multiple payments to PayPal at once. For example, you might want to send payments for all of your vendors in one go. This can be really useful if you have a large number of vendors to pay.

Use the filter to only show pending PayPal payments, select payments and click the "Export to PayPal".

In the popup, click the export csv button. This will email you a CSV file you can upload into PayPal as a batch payment. Once you have uploaded and finalized the payments in PayPal, you can then mark the transfers as paid in Jetti within the same popup. This is important as otherwise the payments will stay as pending.

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