Configuring your Jetti account

Guide to getting up and running as a multi-vendor marketplace on Jetti

Last updated July 24th, 2017

Jetti can fully automate your end-to-end operations when running a marketplace business. To get started, head to the Quick setup page.

1. Set up order and inventory sync

Jetti automatically imports sales from your online store and raises an individual dropship purchase order (PO) for each vendor. There are then two options for sending the PO to the vendor:

  1. Dropship portal - An email can be sent out with a one-click login link to a portal where vendors can either a) enter tracking information or b) print an automatically generated shipping label from a wide range of carriers. A packing slip is also provided. Setup only takes a minute - you just need to enter the emails for your vendor and invite them to Jetti's dropship portal.

  2. Platform integration - The PO is sent directly to the vendors online store or shipping platform. For example, if the vendor uses Shopify, Jetti is able to place the order directly into their store. We support a wide range of platforms and can support custom solutions if required (e.g. FTP, CSV, API etc). It usually takes vendors around 5 minutes to generate the required API credentials on their platform.

2. Decide on shipping costs

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 dropship vendors, you can set the correct shipping rules for each one, and each of their rates will blended together at checkout based on what you customer orders. You can even use live carrier rates for perfect accuracy. Learn more on setting up live carrier rates.

If you wanted to set up the shipping rates for your vendor, you'll need to know what shipping methods they offer (e.g. carrier based rates, banded shipping rates, weight-based rates). You can pass these details along to your on-boarding contact to help get you set up.

Providing shipping labels to vendors

You also have the option to generate live rates at checkout and provide a one-click method to generate shipping labels from the dropship portal. You can use our discounted USPS account or integrate your own carrier accounts if needed.

When providing your own shipping labels, there is no need to reimburse the vendor for shipping which can greatly simplify your payment operations. It's also a preferred approach for smaller or less tech-savvy vendors.

3. Set up vendor payments

You'll need to setup commission rates for your vendors and setup their payment details. You can either enter the payment details yourself or invite your vendors to enter them in their portal. Read more below:

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