Mapping Multi-Brand Names

Assign multiple vendors or brand names to a vendor in Jetti

Last updated July 27th, 2017

Map your vendors/brands under the provider

Once you have set up your vendors and fetched their inventory feeds, you should go ahead and map the brands to the right dropship providers. Why is this important? Sometimes merchants have different vendors or brands (e.g. Nike and Adidas) which are dropshipped by a single source (e.g. 1 vendor that supplies several brands). These brand names may show up differently in the Shopify store than what is shown on Jetti, which can confuse the system. Additionally, as Jetti handles both inhouse and dropship, it is important to mark each brand accordindly. Once you have mapped your vendor/brand names, you do not have to repeat the same setup again.

So how to do this?

  1. Navigate to the "Contacts" tab
  2. Click "Order routing" under "Other"
  3. Scroll down to "Map Brand Names"
  4. Click the boxes of the brand names and assign them to "Fulfill in-house", "Existing dropship provider", or "New dropship provider" accordinly. Any sales under those vendors will now get routed to this dropship provider.

How to Override the Default Setting

As mentioned, by mapping your vendor/brand names ones, you do not have to repeat this setup again. What if, however, you do want to override this default setting for a specific case?

That's easy too.

  1. First go to "Inventory" and click on the specific SKU
  2. Click the "Shipping" tab
  3. Select "Pick a dropship provider" under "Dropship provider mapping" and this way you can override the brand name mapping and select the specific dropship provider to ship the item

Errors processing sales for drop-shipping

If you have shipping notifications enabled, you'll receive an email whenever Jetti imports a sale and can't match an item to a vendor. When you view the sale, it will have an alert next to each item Jetti could not automatically process. This normally happens if you use a different name for your vendor in Shopify than Jetti.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Assign a vendor to the item
  2. In the sale, click process. This will then process the order as normal. Any future orders with this vendor should be processed as normal.

Bulk assign vendors

If the vendor name is also the same as the dropship provider, it may be quicker to use the bulk action on the vendor list to set up the mappings.

  1. Select the vendor from the vendor list.
  2. Select the dropship button. A new dropship provider will then be created with the same name and mapped against the vendor name.
  3. Click into the dropship provider to edit further details, like the commission rates, inventory feeds and users.

Bulk edit

You can also do the above in bulk by exporting and importing a CSV file.

  1. From the vendor list, click the vendor mapping button.
  2. Click export vendor mapping - you'll have a CSV file sent to your login email within a few minutes.
  3. Add or amend any rows into the file, then upload by clicking on the csv file button and clicking Start import.
  4. You're done!

Do I have to enter "Dropship" within "Fulfillment defaults" for every vendor?

No - if you only dropship you can select the default under Setup > General > General fulfillmen. Just select "dropship" as the default fulfillment policy.

Mapping Brands After an Order is Placed

You may have noticed that if an order is placed for a brand that has not been mapped to the correct vendor, the order fails. In these cases, you need to take a few actions for the order to proceed.

  1. Ensure you have mapped the brand names correctly. You can go to Order Routing under Contacts to find all the brands that have not been mapped to a specific vendor.
  2. Once the mapping is done, go back to the order and select all. Then click Dropship. Choose whether you want the order to be sent out directly, or if you need to make any changes you can send it later.
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