Connect Jetti to Magento

Sync orders, shipments and inventory between Jetti and Magento.

Last updated August 15th, 2017

Jetti allows you to connect and sync sales, purchase and inventory data across multiple e-commerce stores and offline sales channels. This is great if you're shipping items out the door faster than you can handle.

Connecting to Magento

New Magento stores can be added within the setup area. You'll need to set up an API username and password for Jetti to be able to communicate with your store.

Publishing items

Before publishing items up to your Magento store from your vendor, you'll need to create the product attributes in Magento (e.g. color, size etc). You can do this under Stores > Attributes > Product. For each product option:

  • Set the name of the option to the label you want to display (e.g. "Color").
  • The scope must be set to global. This is important as it cannot be changed later.
  • Set Catalog Input Type for Store Owner to Dropdown
  • Under "Advanced Attribute Properties" set the option name to lowercase and underscored (e.g. "Color" should be "color" and "Frame Size" should have the attribute code "frame_size").

You don't need to add the individual options (e.g. Black, Blue) - these will be added for you when publishing products. The next step is to add the above attributes to the default product attribute set (Stores > Attribute set > Default). Drag any added attributes into the Attributes group:

Magento SKUs

Due to a limitation with the Magento API, Jetti will replace any forward slash ("/") in SKUs with a dash ("-") when publishing new products from a vendor's inventory feed.

If you connect Jetti to an existing Magento store, we recommend you change any SKUs with forward slashes before hand.

Removing products

If you want to remove an item from your Magento store, you can first delete the product in Magento. Next, you'll need to remove from Jetti.

Find the variant in Jetti and click through to the details page. Under the Online stores section, click the delete icon next to the name of the store you want to remove the product from.

If you want to publish this item again in the future, just publish as you normally would on the vendor's inventory feed.

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