Setting up Shipping Zones

Setting up shipping zones for shipping restrictions

Last updated March 29th, 2021

Shipping Zones are used to ship products to specific areas. Sometimes this is needed if a product is restricted in certain areas or if you want to have a specific shipping strategy that requires more granularity than some other options.

This can be set up in two ways: either by choosing countries serviced or, if you need to be more specific, you can specify by state/region.

Country specific:

  1. Go to Contacts > Choose DropShip Provider > Routing

  2. Add Countries to Countries Serviced section

    Here you can allow or exclude certain countries

Countries Serviced Box

Location specific (State/region)

  1. Click New shipping-rate
  2. Add name and Code
  3. Choose Advanced Shipping Rules
  4. Save (If you do not click save Zone setup will not appear)
  5. Assign it to your dropship providers
  6. Go to Shipping Zones at the bottom and enter a zone name After you enter a zone name complete the zone setup information and save

Shipping Zones 2

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