Create replacement shipping labels

Regenerate and Refund shipping labels in cases of changing carrier or cancelling the label.

Last updated March 3rd, 2021

If you are looking to change a shipping carrier or service level you will need to craete a new shipping label and refund the orginal.

Create new Shipping Label

  1. Navigate to Sales > Track
  2. Click down arrow next to order
  3. Shipping label tab
  4. Rates will generate
  5. Click Generate label to purchase new label
  6. Refund incorrect shipping label

Regenerate Shipping Label (1)

Refund Shipping label

If you refunded the label in your shipping integration (Shippo, Shippypro, Shipstation, or postmen) then you do not need to refund in Jetti.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Track
  2. Click on down arrow next to order
  3. Select Label Transactions
  4. Select Refund next to the incorrect shipping label. (Careful not to refund your new label)

Refund Shipping label

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