Shipping notifications

Stay on top of important events with Jetti's shipping notifications.

Last updated September 15th, 2017

There are two types of notifications you can receive as an admin in Jetti, invoicing and shipping. You can toggle which admin accounts receive these notifications from the users section in the setup area. Just click on the admin's email address to make the change.

Notification events

  • __ Finalize error__ - This is sent whenever an item is set to be drop-shipped, but not matching vendor can be found.
  • Sending error - This is sent whenever there is an error sending a dropship purchase to a vendor. For example, you may not have set an email address or there may be an issue connecting to the vendor's store.
  • Returns notification - This is sent whenever a return is raised for a dropship purchase.
  • Invoicing error - This is sent whenever an invoice is raised, but either a) no cost prices were set up for one or more of the items or b) no commission rate was setup for the vendor. These notifications can be disabled if needed for each dropship provider. For example, you may invoice outside of Jetti for one or more vendors and want to turn this notification off for only those vendors:

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