Sync your dropship invoices directly into Quickbooks

Last updated July 12th, 2018

Connecting QuickBooks to Jetti

To connect your QuickBooks account, you will need to go to Integrations > Accounting > QuickBooks. Then click connect, and you will be taken to the following pop-up, where you will need to click connect again.

Back in Jetti, enable Use Quickbooks.

Click save, and a green bar should appear confirming that it is connected.

Connecting Items

Quickbooks account: The account specifies which Accounts Payable account the bill will be credited to. Many/most small businesses have a single AP account, so the account is implied. When specified, the account must be a Liability account, and further, the sub-type must be of type "Payables". Although your account may only have a single AP account, we recommend explicitly selecting it to avoid any issues.

Quickbooks line item: You will need to create a line item in Quickbooks for Jetti to sync to. Just go add the dropship item as a new product in Quickbooks, and then select it in Jetti. Then Jetti will add the line item sku and name to it.

Quickbooks shipping item: If you are paying your vendors for shipping, you may want to create a separate item for the dropship item connected to this. This way the system will be able to identify between items that are meant to be a part of the expenses in shipping.

Sales items: You will also notice a separate tab for sales invoices. You will only need to connect to this if you are not using Shopify.

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