Discount Codes

Managing discount code settings

Last updated April 16th, 2021

Apply discount code to order

Apply a discount code when placing the order in the vendor's store. This is only typically needed if the commission fees need to be tracked. This may have accounting implications in the vendor's Shopify store, so we recommend checking with them before enabling. This is only currently Shopify supported.

You can choose whether you would like to incorporate discounts into the payout amount. To do this, navigate to the prices tab, there is a checkbox for toggling whether to incorporate discounts.

If you are using automated commission rates for your drop-ship providers, Jetti will calculate the payment amount based upon the price the item was sold for. For example, if a shirt is listed for $10 in Jetti but the customer bought it for $5 by applying a discount code, the commission will be based on the $5, not $10.

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