How to Manage Resellers’ Customers as an Admin

This article explains how you can manage the customers on behalf of your resellers.

Last updated September 11th, 2020

Resellers are mainly involved with managing customers and creating orders for them. However, as an admin, you may want to be able to manage the customers of your resellers. This article explains how you can manage the customers on behalf of your resellers.

To start off, within Jetti there is a customers dashboard that shows all customers in the account, and which resellers are assigned to each. This customer dashboard can be found under Contacts > Customers in the main menu.

Like the reseller dashboard, the customer dashboard gives an overview of all customers, who they are assigned to (in some cases one customer may be assigned to multiple resellers), whether they are active or inactive, and what price list they are on.

Migrating and cloning customers

One of the main functionalities you can do as the admin is to move customers around. A common scenario may be migrating a customer to a reseller. What this means is giving a customer access to their own reseller portal, where they can create orders for themselves. This may be useful in the case that you have customers of a larger size, with many orders. Those customers may have someone on their end that can manage the orders for them. In this scenario, it could make more sense giving them their own reseller portal, where they can manage their own orders and payment details, and eliminating the need of having to go to a separate reseller each time.

To migrate a customer to a reseller, click on the dropdown menu next to the customer, and click Migrate to reseller. Just add your password and migrate. After you’ve done this, the customer will receive an email invitation to their own portal. This portal will be connected to the reseller’s portal, so that the commissions can be tracked.

Another way of moving customers around is by cloning them to resellers. By cloning them, you are able to move them to another reseller. This may be useful for example in the case that a reseller has left the company, and the customer needs to be assigned to another reseller. To do this, select the customer that you want to clone and click on Clone to Reseller at the top of the page. Assign it to the reseller, and clone.

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