How to Manage Resellers as an Admin

This article will detail how a company can onboard and manage their resellers within Jetti, and how to access their settings.

Last updated September 11th, 2020

The Reseller portal is an ordering portal within Jetti that enables B2B orders being placed against customer accounts. These orders are managed by resellers, or sales reps, who sell products on behalf of a company to other companies and push their orders through the Reseller portal.

This article will detail how a company can onboard and manage their resellers within Jetti, and how to access their settings.

Creating resellers in Jetti

To create a new reseller in Jetti, the admin needs to navigate to Contacts > Resellers from the main menu. From there, click on New reseller at the top right.

Once you have created the new reseller, you will be able to manage their settings. Some of the main settings that you should configure are the following:

  • Contact tab: In this tab, you’ll be able to add in the resellers’ details, such as addresses, what account type they are, and whether the resellers should see all their customers in the account, or just customers assigned to them.

  • Users tab: Here is where you can add the users of the reseller portal. You can add multiple logins per reseller. Just add their email address, click on Add user and press the invite button. This will then send an email invitation to the reseller portal for each user.

  • Pricing tab: Here you will configure the pricing settings of the reseller. You need to determine the Pricing type, which is how much should this reseller be charged for the item. The options are Channel (whatever a regular customer should be charged) or Selected (assign a specific price list). Read here more about How to manage price lists for resellers.

Within the pricing tab is also where you would add the payment details of a reseller, so that they can be charged for orders, as well as determine when payments should be captured.

Viewing the reseller dashboard and portal

Once you have created your resellers, you’ll be able to monitor them within the reseller dashboard in Jetti.

From this list, you get a useful overview of their information, such as their names, tags, and what price list they have been assigned to.

You can also access and view each resellers’ portal, by clicking login from the dropdown menu next to their name. This is where you can view the orders that the resellers have placed as well as which customers they are being shipped to. To learn more on how the resellers create and manage orders in this portal, read this.

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