How to Create and Finalize Orders as a Reseller

This article will explain how a reseller can create and finalize such orders, and what settings need to be taken into account when doing so.

Last updated September 11th, 2020

The reseller portal is designed for resellers to create and manage B2B orders, in between the company they are working for and their customers (companies looking to purchase items). This article will explain how a reseller can create and finalize such orders, and what settings need to be taken into account when doing so.

Creating a new order

To create a new order for a customer, navigate to the Orders tab in the reseller portal and click on New order. Then, add the customer information, and choose whether the customer’s card or the reseller’s card should be charged for this order. This depends on the agreements and setup the reseller has with the customer.

When adding the customer information, you can either use an existing customer in the system, or create a new customer by clicking on the plus sign.

Same goes for the shipping address, either select an existing address or create a new one by clicking the plus sign.

Once the information has been entered, you can click Create, and this will create the order.

Adding items to an order

Once an order has been created, the portal will direct you to a page to add items to it.

To add items, you can either import items from a CSV file, by clicking Import CSV (and this will add items from the file to the order), or you can manually add items from the inventory list by clicking Add items.

When adding items from an inventory list, you can either search by brand or name of the product. You can also change the view to view products as cards as opposed to a table, to get a better picture of what the items are. Then, just select the items you want to add and click on Add and close. This should then show the items in the cart together with the pricing breakdown on the right.

Adding customizations to items

If you are looking to customize a product, such as a T-shirt, this can be done from the cart before finalizing the order. You need to first add the item that you want customized to the cart, and then click on Customize on the product. This will open up a pop up, that allows you to add customizations, such as the color and logos.

When adding a customization, always remember to click Add custom field to save the customization. You can add as many as needed.

Finalizing an order

The last step of creating an order is to finalize it, which will then send the order through to the company. Before finalizing, you can review the full shipping information by clicking the arrow next to the customer’s name, and similarly, click the arrow next to the total amount to get a pricing breakdown.

If everything looks good, you can click on Proceed to payment. The system will then ask you to confirm payment method, and to finalize the order.

Cloning and filtering orders

You can choose to clone orders, to avoid having to manually create new orders with the same information and items. Just select items in the order that you want to clone, and click Clone at the top. You can also select whether you want to clone the shipping rates.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, all orders can be viewed from the Orders tab. This is also where orders can be filtered orders by clicking on filters at the top of the orders dashboard. This is useful, for example, to get a quick overview of cancelled, or returned orders.

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