Updating Inventory Levels by CSV

This article breaks down the instructions on updating inventory levels by CSV to Jetti.

Last updated February 20th, 2020

In case you are looking to update inventory levels for in-house items, or for dropshipping when there isn't a way to automatically update inventory levels, you can always do it by CSV.

To do this, you need to create an inventory adjustment file in CSV-format. This file needs to contain headers for quantity and SKU’s.

Important: The headers must be formatted as “qty” and “sku”. Ensure that these are both written in lowercase letters. In the case you write them in any other format, the levels won’t transfer properly.

How to upload the file in Jetti:

  1. Navigate to Adjustments under the Inventory tab.
  2. Click on Import adjustments and select the warehouse
  3. Add the adjustment reason (which will also be used for stock takes and returns)
  4. Decide whether you want inventory levels to adjust by the quantity in the file. If you uncheck this setting, the levels will be set to the absolute levels listed in the file
  5. Add the CSV file and click on Start Import


How do I set adjustment reasons?

To set adjustment reasons, you need to navigate to Setup > Inhouse Shipping. Scroll down to the Adjustment Reasons - part and add the adjustment reasons. Once saved, these reasons will show up when adding inventory adjustment files to Jetti, are are used for stock takes and returns as well.

Last updated February 20th, 2020

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