Setting up an inventory import

Automatically sync inventory from a separate master system

Last updated July 17th, 2019

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Importing inventory

Jetti is set up to be the inventory master system. As such, inventory updates should be made within Jetti. Any changes outside of Jetti are normally overwritten.

For dropship inventory, you can set up inventory feeds to sync inventory levels from a dropship provider. You can also set up something similar for in-house inventory. This will enable you to sync inventory levels for all in-house items from a CSV file (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or Google Drive) to a designated warehouse.

These imports, select the warehouse under Setup > Warehouses. You'll then need to setup a new 3PL import by entering the HTTP / FTP or Google Drive location. You can optionally select an adjustment reason for any changes recorded in Jetti.

Inventory will be fetched and changed daily.

Sharing a Google Drive document

So the file can be read, it will need to be publicly accessible in read-only mode. In the Google Drive account, select the file and edit its Sharing Settings. In the window the pops up, copy the sharing link and set the sharing settings to allow Anyone with the link to view the document.

You also need to publish the document under File > Publish to the Web so Jetti can access it.

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