How to Manually Manage Stock Levels

This article shows how to manage stock levels manually from your Jetti account or from your store's site

Last updated January 30th, 2020

While the default setting is that your stock will be automatically synced with that of your vendors’, it might be that you want to manually change it.

In this case, it is important to know that managing the stock should not be done through your store, as doing that will not be reflected on your Jetti account. In other words, stock should not be managed in your Shopify store once it has been connected to Jetti. Instead, you can manage your stock directly from your Jetti account.

How to do this quickly:

You can make quick adjustments to your inventory levels directly by navigating to the Inventory tab, and adjusting the number per product (found on the right-hand side of each product). This will give you quick access to the inventory, however it won’t leave any record of why this was adjusted.

How to leave a record:

If you are looking to be adjusting inventory on a regular basis, and want to leave a record of doing so, you can do it from the In House-side. Just navigate to Inventory > In House > Replenishments where you make changes to vendor items, or create a new purchase.

What if I want to adjust inventory from the store?

Jetti understands that every business has their own processes, and may not want to manage everything through Jetti. If you prefer managing inventory levels directly from your store, you can do so. Just ensure to activate the following setting on your Jetti app, so that the system recognizes that stock is managed from the store.

How to do this:

1) Navigate to Integrations and click on the store

2) Click Inventory and Pricing and choose “Don’t sync inventory” under Inventory sync

3) Save

After this setting has been turned on, you can go ahead and manage the stock levels from your store. The way to do this is by going to Products > Click on the product you want to manage > Adjust the quantity

Tip: You may want to use a third party app, such as Zero Øut to manage your inventory feeds for you (hiding sold out items automatically).

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