How to Create a Product Bundle

This article explains how product bundles can be created through Jetti.

Last updated July 22nd, 2020

Product bundling is a common feature offered to buyers, which allows them to purchase a bundled set of items for one price. The bundle may contain a set of different items, such as a bikini top and bottom, that create a bikini set, or it may offer a set of the same items for a discounted price, such as a set of 10 PPE masks for a lower price than if bought individually.

With Jetti, you are able to publish the individual products of your vendors to your store, but you also have the ability to build bundles of those products, even if your vendors do not sell them as bundles. This article will explain how these bundles can be created through Jetti.

How to Create a Product Bundle

The products of your vendors will sit as individual items in Jetti, as a bundle on their store doesn’t exist. Your first step, therefore, is to create the bundle product yourself in your store. You will need to manually go into your store, create the bundled product, and add the pictures and descriptions. Once published, this bundled product will then show up as a product in Jetti.

Take a bikini set as an example, if you are looking to sell a top and a bottom as a set in your store, but your vendor sells them individually, you will need to go into your store to create a “Bikini set” product, with pictures of the bikini.

Now, this bikini set should be available as a product in Jetti.

Note that this product should be set to in-house, since the product itself is just a construct, and doesn’t exist as is in the vendor store.

Connecting the Items to the Bundle

Next, you have to connect this bundled product to the individual items that you want to sell. To do this, you first need to ensure that the individual items have been published to your store.

Then, click into the bundled product in Jetti, and under the Details tab, there is a setting for inventory type. Select “Bundle” here.

Now, you can specify the variant and the quantity. The variant is the type of the item, and the quantity is how many of those items you want in the bundle. In the example of the bikini set, you would add two variants; the top and the bottom, and you would select 1 for the quantity. In the example of the PPE masks, you would add one variant, being the mask, and 10 for the quantity.

Once saved, the items will be connected to the bundled product. When a customer of yours orders this bundle, the order will be split into the individual components, and be sent out to the different vendors.

Lastly, you should wait until the last item has been fulfilled before you trigger it being fulfilled in your store.

Features to be Implemented

The tracking of inventory and shipping are currently not automated, but will be implemented soon.

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