How Jetti Tracks Vendor Inventory

This article explains how Jetti tracks vendor inventory

Last updated January 29th, 2021

How does Jetti track inventory?

One of the main functionalities of Jetti is the ability to sync your vendors’ inventory quantities with your marketplace. That is, whenever items are sold on the vendor’s website, the available quantity of those items also update on the marketplace, and vice versa.

Within the inventory feeds section in Jetti, you are able to view how much stock is available for any given item. If an item goes out of stock on the vendor’s website, Jetti sets the quantity to 0, and it will show as unavailable on your marketplace.

What does “inventory is not tracked” mean?

On some SKU’s, you may see that instead of showing how much stock there is available, it shows an infinity symbol, and says the “inventory is not tracked”. This does not mean that there is no available stock, but instead means that the vendor does not track their inventory. This is typically because they have an infinite amount of it, or they have the items sold on demand. Also, items with no physical stock, such as online gift cards, typically have this symbol. When you see that the inventory is not tracked, you can just assume there is always available stock.

Jetti always reflects the vendor’s inventory policy, so if you notice anything looking incorrect, it is best to raise it with the vendor.

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