Creating Replenishment Purchase Orders

This article will show how replenishment purchase orders are created and finalized.

Last updated April 16th, 2020

If you are running in-house operations, you may need to create replenishment purchase orders to ensure inventory is sent to your own warehouses. This article will show how replenishment purchase orders are created and finalized.

Creating a Replenishment Purchase Order

In order to create a new purchase order, you will need to go to your in-house settings under the Inventory tab:

  1. Click on the Replenishments tab and create a New purchase
  2. Select the vendor that the items should come from
  3. Select the warehouse you need the items to be received in and click save

  1. Search the items that need to be added into the order
  2. Select the amounts of each item that would need to be replenished

  1. Click on Finalize, this will lock the order in place so that it cannot be changed anymore. You can now email the vendor with the order details

Receiving and Finalizing an Order

Once you have raised the order with your vendors, you will need to wait for the items to be shipped to the warehouse. When items are received, you need to mark them as such in Jetti.

  1. Go onto the purchase order, and select the items that have shown up. Click Receive. Note that you can partly receive items of an order, meaning that you can select only the items that have been received. This way the order will show only as partially fulfilled.

  1. When you mark an item as received, Jetti will automatically generate Good receipts, which is an acknowledgment that the items have been received.

  1. This will also mark how many items were received as opposed to what was asked in the order. As shown in the screenshot below, you will be able to see how many items were received vs. ordered.

  1. Save and finalize the order, and Jetti will send an inventory update to the selected warehouse. If items are missing, this will be shown in the good receipts.
  2. Keep track of the items as they come. Once all items have been received, you can mark it as so and finalize the order. The items ordered vs. received should now match.

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