Importing products from a custom channel

Import products details from your sales channel into Jetti

Last updated February 24th, 2020

If you are migrating from a custom backend or frontend marketplace to Jetti, you may need to import your existing product catalog into Jetti. To do this, you'll need to call POST /api/channels/import-connector-variant-batch.json endpoint with the following payload. This will import the variants and their associated data (e.g. prices, option values etc) in a single payload.

    "externalGroupId": "external-group",
    "variants": [{
        "externalGroupId": "external-group-id",
        "vendorName": "My vendor",
        "name": "product-name",
        "description": "product-description",
        "productType": "product-type",
        "handle": "my-project",
        "externalId": "external-id",
        "sku": "external-id",
        "inventoryQuantity": 10,
        "costPrice": 5.99,
        "retailPrice": 9.99,
        "compareAtPrice": 19.99,
        "inventoryPolicy": "track",
        "images": [],
        "grams": 10,
        "options": [{
            "name": "Colour",
            "value": "Blue"
    "source": "custom",
    "cleanup": true
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