Import tracking details via API for dropship providers

Import shipping details from dropship providers via API

Last updated February 24th, 2020

If your dropship provider is on a custom system, you may need to import shipping details from their system automatically. Jetti allows you to do this via CSV (from an FTP or HTTP URI) or through a JSON feed.

The JSON feed location can be setup in the orders tab of the dropship provider. This should be a http:// or https:// location where the details can be fetched from. There is a 10 second max response time, so we recommend caching any data from the dropship provider if the shipment details cannot be fetched, parsed and returned within this duration.

The response should be in JSON, with a root shipments attribute in an array with the following details.

    "shipments": [{
        "vendorExternalId": "12345",
        "trackingNumber": "tracking-number",
        "trackingCompany": "tracking-company",
        "reference": "148305-01"
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