API support

Extend the capabilities of Jetti by connecting and consuming our REST API.

Recommended reading

API data exports

Export data in CSV or JSON format in batch

Connecting a custom channel

Connect your custom sales channel to Jetti to sync orders, shipments and products

Custom API carrier integrations

Jetti supports a number carrier aggregation platforms out the box. You can also add custom carrier integrations with the Jetti API

Custom inventory feed integrations

Jetti supports a number platforms out the box to sync inventory. You can also use Jetti's API to integrate with any third part platform.

Allow-list of IP addresses for Jetti resources

How to enabled an allow-list of Jetti's services

Asynchronous API imports for custom channels

Import orders and products asynchronously for your custom channel

Connecting with the Jetti API

Connect to the Jetti API using your API credentials

Creating a vendor return by API

Allow your vendors to self-service the creation of returns using the Jetti API

Creating Custom Connections with Zapier

If you are looking to create custom connections between your Jetti account and other tools that you are using, you can do so with Zapier.

Custom address validation

Setup a webhook for custom address validation

Custom channels - Inventory webhook

Sync inventory in real time up to a custom sales channel

Custom channel webhooks

Set up inventory and shipment webhooks for custom channels

Importing products from a custom channel

Import products details from your sales channel into Jetti

Import tracking details via API for dropship providers

Import shipping details from dropship providers via API

Registering a dropship provider

Set up a new dropship provider with a portal

Returning a sale via the API

Return one or more items on a sale using Jetti's API. Automatically split between dropship and in-house and shipments.